Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher – минималистичный лончер. Подойдет не для совсем новых и не очень мощных устройств

Lightning Launcher Lightning Launcher

— Минимальное количество настроек;
— Быстрая работа и малое потребление ресурсов;
— Стильный вид;
— Небольшой размер;
Совместимость / адаптация: Android OS 1.5 (Cupcake) и выше.

Изменения в версии 10.0.2:
- fix a bug where an empty and untitled script can be created sometimes
- fix folder z order (inability to change this order when folder icon is set to grid or stack)
- attempt to fix a problem with transparent bars on 4.4 on phone layouts when switching the orientation (not tested)
- fix LL.setPosition when not using animate when reseting or removing a desktop used as a lockscreen, disable the lockscreen until another one is selected
- remove swipe events and pinch/zoom options for panels because they are not supported
- fix a crash that could appear when applying templates and when the process was interrupted
- fix newly created widget position under some rarely seen situation
- fix a crash that may happen seldom while add an item to a folder.

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