Trillian - месенджер для Android.

Возможности Trillian:
- Поддержка Facebook Chat, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP and MySpaceIM
- Синхронизация аккаунтов, контактов, аватар, статусов и прочего (истории сообщений?) с версиями Trillian для других платформ
- Интеграция в систему уведомлений Android
- Сортировка контактов, поддержка групп, метаконтактов и прочее
- Интерфейс специально разработан для ОС Android.

Trillian Trillian

Изменения в версии
- Contact List: Improvements to group by service mode for business users Fixed
- General: Some rare crash reports fixed Fixed
- Message Window: Audio bubble playback theming improvements Fixed
- Message Window: Disconnected alert wasn't showing in some cases Fixed
- Message Window: Don't hide edit box when disconnected, disable instead Fixed
- Message Window: Fixes for clearing message window content too aggressively Fixed
- Message Window: Improvements to rendering small images Fixed
- Message Window: Solid vertical line in bubble wasn't dimming during message send Fixed
- Message Window: Some messages wouldn't be marked as delivered even though they were Fixed
- Notifications: Don't clear notifications when Trillian is swipe closed Fixed
- Recent: Visual improvements when showing add requests Fixed
- Settings: Devices weren't correctly clearing on resync Fixed
- Settings: Hide cloud history setting if policy controlling the setting Fixed
- Settings: Support for displayname editing disabled by policy Fixed
- Settings: Support for group by service enforcement policy.

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